Date:June 25, 2015

Electrical Sustainable Power Lab

Het in de jaren zestig gebouwde hoogspanningslab van de TU Delft zal worden getransformeerd tot uniek laboratorium voor onderzoek naar duurzame energie.

Of zoals de TU het toelicht: Electricity is the most flexible and efficient source of energy to power mankind. If we improve the exploitation of sustainable energy sources, electricity is sure to play a leading role throughout the foreseeable future.
In the decades to come, a revolution will unfold in the generation and delivery of electrical power, driven by the large- scale introduction of renewable and distributed power generation, the need for environmentally-friendly and sustainable components and the liberalisation of the energy markets. Electrical sustainable energy engineers are needed in order to design new components with an eye towards sustainable materials and efficient conversion processes, as well as to integrate them into a smart and adaptable electricity infrastructure.

opdrachtgever: TU Delft, Facilitair Management & Vastgoed
netto vloeroppervlak: 4000 m2
ontwerp: 2015 / realisatie: gepland in 2016